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Chlorolife - The King of All Foods

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Chlorolife is concentrated chlorophyll extracted from Alfalfa grass using cold compressed process thereby retaining all ingredients intact all. Alfalfa also called Lucerne, is naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals, including A, D, E, K and even the full family of B vitamins, biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium, and many others, amino acids, enzymes and saponins, further giving to its, title as “ THE KING OF ALL FOODS.” Ona molecular level, the molecular structure is very similar to that of human blood; the only difference is chlorophyll has magnesium in centre whereas human blood iron centre giving dark red cooler to it

The 3 main functions of liquid chlorophyll are: 

A. CLEANSING —Cleanse the digestive system, assist in purifying blood, eliminate bacteria, disinfectand detoxifies; 

B. BALANCING - Balances body Acid — Alkaline level, boosts the function of the body system;

C. NOURISHING — Assists in red blood cell generation.


  1. Helps fight cancer 

  2. Helps detoxification and cleansing of body

  3. Improves liver detoxification 

  4. Control diabetes and cholesterol

  5. Imparts antihemolytic properties 

  6. Enhance Immune system

  7. Gives antibiotic properties 

  8. Speed up wound healing

  9. Provides anti — inflammatory, diuretic and galactogogue properties

  10. Improves digestion and weight control

  11. Provides antitumor action 

  12. Protect skin

  13. Provide excellent Antiviral properties

AVALABLE IN: 500 ml and 250 ml bottles 


New born and infants: 1 drop twice a day in first month. From 2nd month add 1 drop per month.

1to5 year : 2ml twice a day. 

6 to 10 year : 3ml twice a day. 

11 to 17 year : 5ml twice a day. 

Adults : 7.5ml twice a day.

All doses except for infants should be consumed preferably on empty stomach

LEGAL DISCLAIMER : The brochure is for information only. The Readers are encouraged to read more literature on chlorophyll 


  1. Prof. Richard Willstatler & Prof. Hans Fischer (Noble prize Recipients): It is essential to take chlorophyll after childbirth or if one is suffering from loss of blood. 

  2. Emil Burge of Berne: Chlorophyll helps anemia, improves general health, improves health function and helps reduce blood pressure. It improves intestinal health and       stimulates metabolism system. It stimulates peristalsis

  3. DR. Samuel, Jerne and Bernard Weiss: Bleeding ulcers, treated with Alfalfa concentrate, shows tremendous improvement within 12 to 22 days

  4. DR. K. Venkatesan: Chlorophyll strengths heart, stomach, respiratory system, Joint pains, hair growth, control diabetes.

Scientific quotes on Chlorophyll by three Nobel Prize recipients:

  1. In 1912, Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize recipient, stated that “cell is immortal”. Her research shows the importance of cleansing of toxins in order to remain healthy.

  2. In 1915, Dr.Richard Willstatter, received a Nobel prize for discovering the chemical structure of Chlorophyll, a network of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen atoms surrounding a single magnesium atom.

  3. In 1930, Dr. Hans Fischer was awarded a Nobel Prize for unraveling the chemical structure of hemoglobin and was surprised to find out it was almost the same as the chemical structure of Chlorophyll. 

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