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About Us

We, AVP Laboratory LLP, are a subsidiary of Techno Plast Industries, a pioneer in manufacturing rotogravure cylinders for printing industries. 

We are inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge & we believe in “Thy food is Thy Medicine.” 
We are highly concerned about the prevailing painful allopathic treatment to fight against Cancer. We have developed these products, a part of our continuous CSR activity for researching on curcumins effectiveness to treat ailments such as cancer using nano science methods to realise the true therapeutic potential of Curcumin, for fighting against cancer.


To educate & create an awareness in mankind to take care of their most invaluable asset, their lifelong faithful & dependable partner, who will be always remain with them till death.

To build a global community of health concerned Wellnesspathians through our Wellnesspathy portal & creating clusters of local branches which will be managing their affairs with the help of local representative body of Wellnesspathians. 
Thy food is Thy medicine. We believe & now the world also has accepted the science of Nutrigenomics, Medical Nutrition Therapy. We wanted to create an authentic supply chain of healthy & ethically produced unadulterated Dairy & Agriculture produce, foods & meals to ensure wellness & preventive healthcare.

To promote unique talents of Indian Doctor, Vaidya, Yoga & Fitness experts, Motivation speakers, Nutritionist, food technologists  & the other service providers in health care, wellness & fitness industries to provide encompassed solution to rejuvenate mind, body & soul of the human being, their most valuable asset.


Our mission is to preach & promote ‘to live healthy & Die healthy’, We want to create awareness in every individual & make them realise the importance of preventive healthcare with the help of regular use of natural Nutraceutical products in day to day life. The natural Nutraceutical products will enhances their immunity & are capable to produce a  wonderful results when they are used as a catalysts in curative healthcare. 

We will make BRECCAN PLUS available with our Nutraceutical healing foods to every individual at an affordable price through Medical practisers  & hospitals across the world